Schedule screen-free moments

Here are a few suggestions to help you reduce the time spent in front of screens, balance online and offline activities, and explore other ways to spend time together… But it’s up to you to find the best ways for your family to pause their screen time!

Fixer des moments sans écran


At mealtimes
Think of turning off all the screens before sitting down at the table to ensure they don’t become a distraction.

One hour after waking up
Agree on a morning routine as a family that excludes the use of all screens (televisions, cell phones, tablets, computers).

One hour before going to bed
Establish a “charging zone” where family members have to set down their screens one hour before bed.

During family activities
Challenge your family to leave their screens at home during family outings.

During study time
Explain to your child that it is more effective to concentrate on only one task at a time… so their studying takes less time. Psst! This suggestion also applies to parents during work hours!

A half-day per week or per month
Take up an “unplugged challenge” as a family, without forgetting to plan activities to enjoy each other’s company and to fill the time usually spent in front of screens. For an even greater challenge, unplug all day!

In addition to screen-free times, why not establish “screen-free zones” in your home to better manage your connectivity as a family? For example, no screens:

  • in the bedrooms;
  • at the table;
  • in the car;
  • or… in the bathroom!


One of the main benefits of screen-free breaks is that they encourage us to use our devices and applications more consciously, instead of using them out of habit. This way, technology remains at our service … not the other way around!